Pitcher of Tea

While working at home today, I did a thing. I made a pitcher of iced green tea. This made everything all right with the world, in my universe of recovery.

Why is a glass pitcher so beautiful, and why is glass itself so beautiful? Perhaps it may be because it is so strong and also so easily breaks. The pitcher that we have at our house now is one that was my husband’s mother’s pitcher, made of clear glass and quite strong. It would hold a family’s dinner beverages all together in its beautiful clear vessel, to be poured into each person’s individual glass, when meals and cool tea were shared. There were unhappy times in that home, too, but the pitcher is still with us, and I have refilled it today.

The tea today was for me a remedy, because of the memories of my husband’s mother, and for the green tea that it held for me today. All I can think of now is that I’ve enacted some plant medicine, to heal my numb soles that are getting better, and that all shall soon be right with the world.

While the situation of the world right now is unnerving, I cannot help but to pray and to hope that soon things will improve. Just ask the sea turtles that caught a break, and all of us with the time to reconsider everything, and to wash our hands and to wear masks like bandits, but healthy ones.

I am resting and healing, and I hope that you are, too. Make yourself some tea, if you’d like, and go to bed early without watching television. Life is a beautiful process, and it does keep going on, so I will continue to pray that we might be healthy collectively, and that all souls shall find their way to heaven, where there is a pitcher of iced green tea awaiting each of us.

#health #peace #rest #hope #recovery #healing

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