Susan’s Infusions

I think tomorrow is the last day of three, of receiving steroid infusions to hopefully take care of my little MS adventure of having numb soles of my feet.

What is incredibly unnerving is what this episode may cost, who knows, and whether it will efffectively work to bring my soles back to life.

I’ll let all of y’all write the story in your mind about the fate of my soles, as hopefully you will think of your own.

These are strange days, I hate to tell you, and I wish you all the best. I wish life were not so very complicated and difficult and challenging, and that is why I pray, not always as well as I ought, but frequently, with a little bit of hope in my heart. I trust that you might join in, for the soles in danger around you, that you know and love for carrying your burdens.

Thank you for reading. Please have a blessed day tomorrow, and don’t worry, the infusions don’t really hurt and I get a neat flourescent plastic bandage to hold out the germs from my needle prick.

Aw man, and some of you ladies have children? Bless your hearts with joy and unspeakable love. I could never do it, so I’ll pray, and believe.

#numb #backtolife #hope #future #love #pray #fluoxetine #olanzapine #clonazepam #gemfibrozil #interferon beta-alpha #spacetravel

One thought on “Susan’s Infusions

  1. I’m so moved, after reading this. The hopefulness, the positivity in you is commendable. Thank you for inspiring us, and I wish you a speedy recovery and good health. Keep being strong 🙂


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