The soles of my feet are still numb, and I’m seeing the doctor tomorrow. Although I had been worried that everything would erupt into mass chaos with medicine trials and episodes of fear and pain, I did realize finally that they will probably just do what they always do when I have a relapse: medicine, follow-up, and encouragement. I’m sure evrything will run smoothly, and I’ll keep doing the best that I can with what’s available.

What does concern me though, is the visit to the neurologist, and my sorry old face mask. It probably is clean enough, but I’ve been carrying it in my purse, yuck, and maybe a scarf would be better. That’s probably what I’ll do. Nancy Pelosi rocked a scarf the other day, as I saw on the Internet, and so I’m totally in the know and way cool, pandemic-wise. I wish things were not so overwhelmingly scary, but this has been a great test of my psych meds, and I’m fortunately not freaking out. The soles of my feet decided to go numb, though, but this will an exercise in faith to get me through. Quite literally, I will pray as much as I can, with as many helpers as I can get on board, and will wash my hands at every available opportunity, wearing clean protective elements in the exterior world.

At least I can still get my work from home done, while also having a doctor visit, and that is the miracle of these uncertain times. At least I believe in group prayer and positive energy. I have been massaging my feet, and they’re not totally gone, and I love them and am grateful for them, and I trust in Jesus’ healing power.

#MS #Fear #Anxiety #Hope #Faith #Belief #Recovery #Sober

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