Windy Out Here

Today is a very windy day in my neck of the woods. My dog is very mad about it, and keeps barking at the wind itself. It is a natural struggle of nature, that has been around since the beginning of weather, undoubtedly.

We’ve got the windows open, and our poor little dog really just can’t get away from this wind. It is an existential struggle, and the dog will win for being cute. She always wins that way.

My one odd MS characteristic that is currently bothering me is that the bottoms of my feet are numb. I can still feel them, mostly, but they are numb, so I hope I don’t step on anything sharp. I now have to consider whether or not this is a relapse, if I need to call the doctor’s office, if I need to change my disease management plan, if massaginging one’s feet is a good enough health care remedy, and there is always the danger of accidentally stepping on something yucky. Plus, I have a little dog, so all of these perils are experienced exponentially.

I’ll try the regular foot massage, and pray that it goes away this weekend. This is how I live my life, with little struggles now that my depression and anxiety are mostly under control. Having numb feet is so much better than wanting to die all the time. Not exaggerating at all.

Come on, little toesies, come on back. Positive thinking and effective prayers should get me through this, and I trust that it won’t get worse, because my God is a good God, and my dog is an awesome dog.

#MS #Numbness #Dog #StayHome #GetBetter #Pray #Cat #Dinner

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