Our Dog

Our dog is the only dog in the world that was ever a good girl like how she is. When we first rescued her from living alone in the woods (forest) she was too terrified to let anybody talk to her, and so she lived in our basement for a bit. Really, it took about six months before we could sit with her and visit, and she never did tell us her story about why she was all alone.

Two years later, she has my husband and me wrapped around her little paws, and especially my husband. They were just curled up at the end of the day getting ready for sleep, as it is dark outside, and she used to live alone in the woods (forest) so she knows when bedtime is.

In her newfound luxurious lifestyle, she has two fleece blankets, although one of them is technically mine, as it had been a Christmas present to me from my sister-in-law. Our dog has both blankets at the foot of our bed, and she knows how to sleep when it is dark. She snores, too. It’s cute.

I imagine heaven is a place where there are many sheltering fleece blankets. I suppose there’s dog food there, too. And there must be visiting cats, because everybody loves a cat doing its own thing.

Really, as we shelter in place, I trust that we shall learn to care for all of our loved ones, and especially the four-legged ones. Our dog is completely our dog, my husband’s and mine, and she is like our baby. Our cat is, too, in a more quiet and well-behaved way. She’s like our cool teenager who makes her bed. Our toddler dog, though, she’s got our hearts. Well, they both do.

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