My grandmother was a lovely lady, and she liked to help other ladies be lovely, too. She had a Merle Norman brand cosmetics studio, and I will never forget how sweetly she would put makeup on me as a child, adolescent, nor would I forget the many facial treatments that I gave to my pimply, yet hopeful skin.

In fact, this afternoon, I caught a glimpse of my skin in the bathroom mirror, and thought, gee, that’s okay, and remembered, I had had a facial treatment last night, and it made everything right with the world.

In my mind, we are all quite lovely, with beautiful, glowing skin. It helps that I’m incredibly nearsighted as well, but isn’t it nice to view the world like how my grandmother did? She was my favorite mother’s mother, and she does still live in my heart.

How can it be that I ever drift into a bad mood, or speak shortly to my mother, when she is this great lady’s little girl? I used to wonder about myself when I could be so cruel, but now, I try not to argue with my Mom. Us girls have only got so long to be here, we might as well have healthy skin.

#MerleNorman #Makeup #Cosmetics #Mothers #Babygirl

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