There but for the grace…

Of God, go I. I don’t know what that is from, or really care enough to google it. Really, constant fact-checking does wear me out. But look at how much misinformation we’ve got going on right now! It’s a mess.

My brain is not 100%, as I’ve got a brain disease, multiple sclerosis. I have seen scans of my brain, and well-noted the atypical brain atrophy for someone my age. It’s disconcerting, but I also have exceptional balance and am a very good walker, stair-climber, only by the grace of God, for sure. Really, knowing how sick that I Could be in comparison with just how sick I really am makes me thankful and mindful, and ready to take a nap. I know that life is exorbitantly hard for each individual on this somewhat wretched, yet beautiful, planet, but I can find it in my heart to keep trying, and I hope that you, dear reader, may do the same. I wish you the best!

Honestly, after having worked at my job this morning for some time and come up with many fine ideas to save the world, I’m tired and exhausted. Now you probably see why I chose not to engage in the childbearing Wheel of Desire. Don’t get me wong, babies and kids and families are indeed what makes the world go round, but I just recognize that I’m not a full-on Team Earth player. I’m a just get by without pooping or peeing on myself kind of girl. Is this all that matters? I think not, and do wish you all the best for maintaining your Super-Cool nature.

If you care, you are welcome to check out my old blog, It may or may not still be in existence. I reviewed books there, and have long since come to realize that none of this really matters. It was fun. I don’t recall my password to engage with that old site anyway. Really, I don’t even know how long I’ll keep up with this one. Aren’t we all just looking for a little consolation? Yeah, I think we are. I love you, crazy blog readers, and pray that everyone stays continent today. Is this the future? I don’t know, and I hope and pray that there is more to life than all that.

There is, dear friends! There’s hope and consolation and peace and new movies and books and tv, and yet also faith in a Savior who carried it all to a Cross, believe it or not! And I think that I’ve got it bad! No, life is precious and life is sweet, and the good Lord gave us songs and music and rainbows and art. It’s a beautiful world, and a beautiful life, and I am thankful for it. May you all be blessed on your journeys, and thank you for reading my expression for today. Please pray that I learn how to make music and break out my colorful paints!

#Music #Art #Trying #NotGivingUp #BeautifulDay #StayBlessed


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