Eatin’ Some Beans

Wow! So my husband and I had some dried pinto beans, and we cooked them up with a little onion, and it was so delicious. We didn’t make rice to go with it, but I’m full up enough just the same. Think of the savings with our bean diet, and just how much better for the planet.

Speaking of which, I hear that all of this that has been going on is really helping our planet. I hope that we can learn from this, and just slow way down, stay home and read books. Really, maybe we can all just take it easy and not try so dang hard to be better than everybody else, with our luxurious fancy things and outfits, and just look fine as our own selves, just regular.

Now there is still a lot to do, and the world won’t be perfect in one day, but thankfully we just got to celebrate Passover and Easter, and will also celebrate Resurrection Day next Sunday, too, with out Orthodox friends. How about all of this just be fine and well and good, and let us celebrate new ways of living, when we start again to love and be sweet and always kind.

My Terrier got into a little trouble today because of the incessant barking, but I reprimanded her in such an authoritative and Alpha female way, that now she’s being quiet. I feel terrible for having raised my voice (I swear it was only one decisive command,) but finally it worked, and I bet her vocal cords feel much better, as she had been making some unholy high-piched noises with her 8.4 pounds of chutzpah, and now her silence is meditative. What a good girl!

I drank a glass of wine with my dinner, so I’m taking it easy, too, and I will not drink the whole bottle, because I am actually a grown-up my own self, and I’d rather have pleasant communication with my husband, maybe listen to some music.

What a world. Let’s cherish it, stay healthy, be clean and careful, and disinfect just about everything with a spirit of preservation rather than fear. Let’s keep everybody feeling well.

#ThankYou #PleaseComeBack #WorkSmarter #ServeOurPets #Peace

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