Emotional Dog

My dog is so emotional that she gets moved to the most adorable tears quite frequently. I know with certainty that she is crying because she loves my husband and me so much, and also the food that we give her. Her time spent as lost in the forest apparently took a toll on her, and she is thankful to have people of her very own now.

I’m pretty sure that she may have been abandoned in the forest because of her incessant barking. Because she is a little dog, you might not think that her barking could be as annoying as it is. I pray that she does not drive my husband absolutely batty, and I have considered revoking her window priviliges for this reason. Not! Like I could even do that. I wish that she would get further domesticated and learn some good leash skills so that we could go on walks together, but her emotionalism is so intense that I’m way too delicate with her precious spirit.

I must admit that I was a hard-core catperson until we rescued this adorable little dog. Seriously, I was only team cat. Now, my heart is beholden to both my dog and my cat (and more importantly to my husband.) Now I’m Team Human, Team Dog and Team Cat. I would be Team Oppossum if one would let me befriend it. Most likely, it is that I’m just of Team Life and Team Love. I wish that I were better at keeping plants healthy (I’m clearly a B- student), but I do fairly well at keeping them around for an acceptable amount of time, and if I lose them, I give them back to the Earth. My alliances are with Team Jesus and therefore Team Love, and this places me on Team Faith in the Future. Yup, I have hope for tomorrow as well as today. I know that there are annoying people on my Team, but I trust that we’ll make it through together. The cats and dogs and space travel hopefully will make it so, with a steady diet of vegetables.

Thank you for reading this. In the future, hopefully there will be more interesting posts.

#Emotions #Spirit #Peace #Humanity #Love #Future #SpaceTravel

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