These Days

While it appears that everything is so bad that it will never get good again, I do feel hope for the future, even if it does involve perpetually disinfecting books. All I can think about lately is germs, and every nanoparticle of superfluous RNA gives me the creeps. Yes, my friends, all of this is giving me the creeps in a big, extra-handwashing way. Perhaps this will keep me alive, or maybe it will be my penchant for self-isolation that has served me so poorly in the past that will do the trick.

Champion of mental-health that I’m not, this is making me feel so very sympathetic for my fellow mentally ill, yet doing okay, friends. I mean, we are going to be so disinfected that it will keep our mental illness in the gene-pool, and I will have so much more respect for my OCD amigos, who must have sensed this inherent danger within humanity that has been lurking there all along: germs, cooties, icky stuff. My mother must have been waiting for this day, as she sends me text messages that say “Sanitize!” so frequently now. Ain’t it the truth. Did we not all know that we should wash our hands just like how our mothers told us?

I know, this really isn’t funny, and I apologize for making light of such a serious predicament that we are all in together. What scares me the most is what I may be tracking in on my shoes, or, worse, in my very breath or sneeze. This is so overwhelmingly frightful that I hope you’ve read my previous posts about my faith.

My faith brought me out of extreme mental illness, and so I will pray much more now, for all of us. While I cannot name every soul, I can look kindly at all humanity and wish us well. It was precisely the end of the world that had freaked me out so completely in the past, that now, as it appears to be happening, I’m strangely at ease because of my Lord and Savior, who I believe can rescue us, and will do so on a case-by-case basis, undoubtedly. I trust that all of this is changing hearts, and know that it has reformed mine, to remember to be kind and compassionate at all times, with all other humans. We are the Human Race, and I pray that we survive, alltogether now.

For days such as this, we ought ot seek our Higher Power, or whoever it is that provides the Lysol. Whoever it is that provides the concern and care, and most of all the peace and love and hope.

#ReallyHappening #KeepPraying #Sanitize! #HaveFaith

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