Shorter Workday

Dear friends, on this shorter workday, I hope to provide inspiration for all of us weathering this storm together. You know, this storm called life. While things may appear to be terrible right now, and they are, the outstanding feats of compassion that I’m witnessing gives me such hope for the soul of humanity. Maybe we needed a little jolt to remind us to stay clean and cherish our days that we are well, and to choose wisely our expenditures of energy.

I put gas in my car all by myself yesterday (I had been spoiled by my husband, who is too cool for words), and I ate a yummy dinner with my extended family. We did not stay long, and our company was somewhat limited in scope (a party of 7 souls) and we ate good food together, after having washed our hands, as one ought to do. I didn’t even really have to worry about giving anybody hugs, because that is so not the behavior right now. One thing that I hate about living in the South are the hugs! I’m not touchy-feely, but maybe after all of this passes I’ll be more generous with my affections, and a more smart hugger, donning a rainjacket or something before embracing.

My workplace has had more limited personnel (not open to the public) and we have been getting some much needed work done on our short shifts. The latex gloves have been tough on my skin, but I think I found the right treatment to keep my hands okay. I sort of have much older hands now, which serves me right, because I’m getting older, too. I pray on my travels to and from the workplace, and just pray more in general, for the health and well-being of our community. The whole concept of community is precious to me now in a new way.

My dog was sitting on the edge of my bed, and we sat still, looking into each others eyes, for a good several-minute span (not kidding) and I became thankful again for the way of love and peace.

#hope #way #love #peace #goodgirl

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