Monday Morning

Tomorrow will be a return back to work, and it will be like all of my other adventures during this time, fraught with anxiety and obsessive hand washing. Fortunately all of this strange existence of late is making me #pray much more, and much more urgently for all of us. I wish only good health for those that I see each day.

Aside from the global terror, things have been going pretty nicely, maybe this is because of all the prayer? I’m learning to pray more precisely and carefully whenever I see emergency vehicles, and hopefully this is a habit that won’t be neglected in the future, along with the hand washing.

While the combination of latex gloves and over-the-top handwashing have dried out the skin on my hands, I have had a dollar-store coup! I bought this hand lotion that came in pretty tubes (Yes, two for one dollar!) and both lotions have the prettiest scents. The tube is even small enough to put in my purse that is not gigantic, and it’s not something that will leak. My baby tubes even look like tubes of paint, so I’m even further comforted by them. I don’t even feel guilty for having found them at the dollar tree, because there were other sets of lotion tubes, so hopefully no one will mind that I had found them for myself.

This is why I can’t understand the current toilet paper selfishness, and I’m trusting in a future where there is tp for each and every one of us. My dear friend even bought me a pack because she had seen some and thought of me. Yes, I do inspire such thinking, apparently; it makes a girl feel loved.

So the high end glamorous lifestyle of the few that live it is just weird to me, but then I realize how grand I must be with my lotion tubes and having enough toilet paper. We are all so grand, aren’t we, all of us who live on God’s beautiful Earth, so I pray that we might keep it lovely and green, with all of our nature friends happy. It is time to wake up, and to care, and to do our best to keep everyone comfortable.

Also, today my nature friend who is my doggie, got a little mad when my husband and I left her after coming home from a long day spent elsewhere, and she sgave me a nip on the leg that was actually a really painful, very sharp canine teeth admonishment for neglecting her, the baby. My cat would never do such a thing, I’m just saying to you, dogs vs. cats folks.

In any case, I hope that we do learn now about community, and love therein, and keeping everyone safe, as much as our own selves. This might be my cure for mental illness, as much as caring for my husband and carefully taking my meds, despite the fat belly and lost years of brain health. What does matter, is that we are all pleased to be here, and glad to spend our days together, as precious as they are, and we are, too.

#Peace #Hope #Faith #Love #Doggie

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