True Love

Our Little Dog that I had mentioned in a previous post, is made of truest love. She only wants for my husband and me to be happy. She was so worried when he was gone recently, and took it out on well-meaning family members who were helping us out in our home. Eventually though, her heart made of love, of purest dog love, brought everyone around despite the incessant barking.

Poor thing can’t believe it when we decide to leave our house ever. She barks and barks so plaintively that it breaks my heart, and I do try to assure her that we will be coming back soon.

My cat, on the other hand, just happens to be so self-sufficient that she is fine to hang out in our yard and eat the food we give her, that she loves as much as her human parents. She does love to visit on Sunday mornings when I wait in the driveway for our niece to pick me up for church. She just stays close by, and loves all of the pets and cat-talking that we share.

It is an honor to share life with these four-legged friends. Makes me wish that I could live in a zoo, and now I’m starting to understand those tender-hearted animal lovers who live in a world of their own. Maybe I am one of them after all.

Maybe it us not just a dog made of love, but a world made of love. Maybe we are living in Compassion Days currently. Yes, please do your best to keep everybody safe, and be well your own selves.

#Cat #Dog #Compassion #Hope #Healing #Remedies #Spirit

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