Wash Your Dog and Hands

In order to find peace of mind during anxious times, my Mom and I gave my dog a bath in the bathroom sink. She is so purty now! As she sleeps next to my husband, there is a nice scent of lavender from her almost dry coat.

In the meantime, I’ve been washing my hands quite stringently, singing “Happy Birthday” twice, as much as I can. Also cleaned my cell phone with rubbing alcohol, and I think now that I just might go wash my face, and then Go To Sleep!

Because our lives are so precious, and our health is so important, I’m doing my best not to go out, and this might be just what I need to improve my prayer life, and to read more books quietly. I’m such a big fan of quiet time, so thank goodness it’s Saturday, and the Lord has blessed my family with a clean dog, closeness, safety, and health.

Despite my current assurance, I did have a minor freak out last night. If you want to know the truth, I have this every Spring. Is it the time change, or maybe just the pollen, or will I ever know why? I’m thinking that maybe it just may be in my best interests to be mindful of the time, the days, the quiet, the noise and the peace. All I know is that church has been made only for online worship and preaching tomorrow, and for this I am thankful.

Please stay healthy and safe everyone, and please don’t forget to wash your hands.

#WashUp #StaySafe #BeWell #HavePeace #GodBless!

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