Sometimes I feel as if life is too hard, and much more than what I can handle. I know that strength and faith are super amazing and will see me through, and that God is always good. I know with all of my heart that this is true, and that my #faithjourney has proven this to me repeatedly. So why is it so hard, to live and to love on God’s green Earth?

Maybe it’s the environmental toxins and the dearth of hope that perpetuates civilization right now, as we all wonder this same question of why is life #toohard to live? We all know that it is wonderful, and that there are so many beautiful things under the sun to amuse us endlessly. We are all suffering, though, and always will be. But we’ve still got to make our beds, to cook the dinners and to pet all of the dogs and cats, despite what actually might be happening.

#CleanandSober I’ve cut out the chemical amusements. I do not drink the gin and tonic, because my husband hates it when I am drunk. I know my momma would, too, if she knew about it. Thank goodness that she doesn’t really follow this blog, and what is the purpose of this drivel anyway? I guess to let all of us know that we are not alone. I sing to the Universe, but this is probably just for my own benefit, and I hope this little passage will let somebody know that he or she is not alone. Also, please know that it is possible to be clean and sober, and still be happy.

Writing on my laptop helps me to feel as if I’m accomplishing something, but my days of writing papers are long since over. It gives me a chance to charge my Fitbit, too, and that is my actual reason for this post.

Please pray for me, as I’m going through a challenging time, and find it so hard to talk about it productively. I know that “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, ” as Miss Cyndi says, but land sakes, my life is no fun right now.

I will put on the happy face and smile and trust my Lord and my God, and undoubtedly somebody will help me. I will drive my car and put gas in it, and eventually get my taxes done. I pray that the good Lord will help me to sleep some more, with life-affirming dreams. That’s all I need really, just some life affirmation. Sorry this is such a whiny post, but I’ll try to do better the next time I need to charge my Fitbit.

#NeverEasy #Struggles #NotPretty #LosingMyGums #NeverGiveUp #ThankYouForReading

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