Cat Story on Friday

I know that I should really save this for #Caturday, but I very easily might forget this dramatic tale by then. I’ve mentioned that my cat is a free-range outdoor cat, but also, please know that she is not confined by a collar. She looks like she could be anybody’s cat, but she is ours, and is a part of our home and family. She has an outdoor plastic igloo for bad weather, that is kind of tucked away by some bushes near the side of our house. She does look like a stray, I admit, but she does stay in our yard.

There is a neighbor that I have never met that must live close to me in our pretty small town. She’s a photographer, and lo! she had posted on Facebook in our neighborhood town site that there are a lot of loose cats in our town, who must need a home. As a photographer, she of course had photos of some neighborhood cats, and there was this photo of our cat, as beautiful as she may be. She was looking straight at the camera, with narrow pupils, so I thought, no, that can’t be my cat, because I’m accustomed to her adoring big pupils.

Today we had some visiting time, and I sat by her in the front driveway, petting her and scratching her head, as she likes. I noticed her eyes at one moment, however, and there were those thin pupils, and she looked just like the other lady’s photograph!

My strategy is that I’m going to post on that same Facebook site, with some photos that I’ve just taken of my literal baby, with those similar looking eyes and distinctive Mackerel Tabby markings, and beautiful, colorful coat, with a lot of orange and black.

Let’s all be thankful that humans don’t have free-range, outdoor children. Can you imagine seeing your baby just in somebody’s photo post? Well, I can. It happened to me and my cat, I believe, and I’m feeling like a territorial Mama right now, so I finally get it about the human kids and my Mom, in a way that I had never fully understood before this unusual social media mishap.

Oh, well, no kids, one cat and one dog. I share my life with the best husband in the world, and maybe I should get him a collar, too.

#Photography #Neighbors #OutdoorCats #Home

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