Coffee Friend

A remarkable thing happened to me today at work! I was late in the morning, so I had no coffee. Desperately making tea when I got to work, I did not know if it would be a migraine day or if my brain had healed significantly since the last time I was late with my coffee. My coworker, upon hearing my lack of coffee woe, agreed to pick me up a cup at the Circle K, and would not even let me give him any cash for it. Now that’s a coworker friend, indeed.

I was so late to work this morning that I drove a little bit quickly, but I made it safely there. I had my book to read at lunch, and I even got to visit with one of my favorite patron friends, who wants me to go to a concert with her in the future, at a fancy church. Life is full of blessings when one does align oneself with bonhomie and become determined to be ever pleasant.

That is my new life’s goal, to be pleasant and kind and not mad at the world. Okay, so I’ve been unhappy in the past, but I shall evermore move forward, without turning back. My rear-view camera on my car helps me to align myself positively when backing up, but all of this scares me a little bit, because I wish I had eyes on all the sides of my head. It’s so hard to only look forward, especially when one is a tad neurotic and perpetually dizzy. My primary fear in life is that of losing my vision, so I will continue to look for stars and rainbows in the views ahead.

#Kindness #Working #Self-doubt #Confidence #Overcomer

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