Positively Thinking

Now is the time to think positively about the world. Well, in my world at least. Inthe past, when I have been more sick, my attitude and outlook was just so negative and self-defeating. I don’t know why it was so hard to shake this, but finally, there appears to be a turnaround, and I’m getting better at changing my mind when it starts turning negative.

This might explain why my health is improving, and why life has gotten so much brighter. It’s still troubling to view the world that tends to lean towards madness, but the amazing capability of letting it go is the new way fo living for me. It helps not to watch television. Love the ones you love, I say, and let go of the bitterness and strife. Life is too freaking amazing and precious to squander even a moment of it.

Now, apparently my antidepressant helps with this. And my small-dose benzo, but as long as they’re making these medicines, probably someone should take them to keep the economy moving. I know, sick and wrong. It’s crazy that there are so many entities involved in helping each other out, and that we all have to pay for each other’s services and expertise when it is there. How else would the world be run anyway?

And so I proceed with my pursuit of natural tonics, of healing foods, and vitamins and minerals. Hopefully I won’t mess this all up by consuming the wrong elements in the wrong combinations, but it is all worth the struggle, and I like the application of consideration to all of this. With my positive attitude, maybe the Good will triumph in my struggles. One day at a time, and on this day, I will believe. Faith in the future to overcome the past might be the necessary medicine for living, and if so, I’m in, ongoing science experiment that I am.

#Future #Health #Healing #Overcomers #LookUp!

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