Impossible House

My husband and I live in one of those split-level homes that were popular back in the sixties, and while I love our home, the constant little bit of stair climbing is wearing us out. Actually, it makes my Fitbit happy, and probably also my heart and lungs, but what is my problem? I have MS and so I always think of how I may not always be able to live here, but then I doggedly start believing how much I’m going to stay healthy, and then go on to further believe in my healing. It a stange set of exercises, both physical and mental, even spritual.

But boy, how do I cuss on laundry day. Not really. I mean I do a little, but also maybe I should give up cussing for Lent, andfor living life in general. Cussing is so crude, and sometimes I cuss like a sailor, despite my fine middle-class upbringing. Really, I like to cuss for comedic effect, and also, I find that it helps on laundry day.

So, while my house is impossible, I’m going to keep on living here, despite my bad housecleaning skills. I do always try to do better, so maybe I should just be thankful for the roof over my head and constant exercise. Actually, I’m so incredibly thankful for these things. I know life can be tough, and instead of having that break my heart and mind, my impossible house reminds me to get to work! Always strive to make the world a better place, that’s what I feel.

So, please let me finish my coffee, and then get to work!

#HardWork #Stairclimber #Blessed #TrustJesus #Always

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