Honestly, I’ve been worried about something, which turns into my being a meanie usually, but today I got nicer. I’m putting my faith and hope and confidence in my husband, and maybe I should just leave it at that, and not worry.

So my cat! She got fed twice this morning, once by my husband and once by me. She ate a good dinner as well. I love her, and saw a Facebook post from someone in my community with a picture of a cat, as well as a complaint about neighborhood wayward cats. Now this cat looked a lot like my baby, who is a free range, outdoor cat, and I’m so worried that this person that I don’t really know but who neighbors my neighbors, that she just may steal my cat, thinking that she is all alone. My girl does not have a collar, because she is a free range, outdoor, living-the-good-life cat. I really think that this is the way that cats like to live, and she has an outdoor shelter in our yard, and she gets lots of affection, and some days two breakfasts. I hope nobody steals my cat.

My dog, though! My dog really is a baby, about the size of a cat, and she lives indoors, despite her bad manners and adorable features. She is so affectionately needy, so I do my best to keep her happy. My cat does not mind the dog, but the dog gets insanely jealous of my cat, and will watch us out the window when I sit outside and pet the kitty-cat.

My husband, on the other hand, is the best in the land, and even lets me hang out with him, despite my un-coolness. He is in love with our baby dog, and we’re both being sweet to her right now, because her blanket is getting washed, so she’s cold and doesn’t know what happened to her blanket. My duty is to get the blanket back before bed-time, and to keep everybody happy. My husband is my favorite. He is so cool.

#cat #dog #husband #weekend #neighbors #don’tstealpets #washadog’sblanketsometimes

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