All I know is that it is no good to worry. It is in our best interest to trust in the Lord and to actually believe in Him to follow through by keeping us safe.

On the other hand, you should see my cuticles. I worry so much that they are all torn up, though currently not bleeding. I mean, honestly, I’m a woman of faith, so why do I worry so much? Maybe it’s just my imagination, anxiety, vitamin deficiencies, or low blood sugar. In any case, I wish that there were a way to live without worries.

Perhaps this is why the Lord invented music, so that we can sing songs to dispel any worrisome thought. I wish that I were a soul blessed with innate musical sense, but sadly, I’m not, obviously, or there would be music coming from me rather than this typing. How I love to sing along without knowing the words or even carrying a tune, and maybe that’s just the way it is for me. Not golden or even shiny, but much more like dirt or regular plants that don’t flower.

#ordinary #trouble #daybyday

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