A Timer

It was really, really challenging for me to find a new meditation timer app for my phone, but I figured it out. Thankfully I can start meditating with regularity again. It really helps on this journey of life. I like to call it, “Sit quietly for twenty minutes with good posture.” It does clear the head.

Along with my studies on “self-care,” I got a new haircut this afternoon, and the new fellow I’ve been seeing doesn’t seem to mind if I don’t say much. He just concentrates on the hair cutting. I think that this is great. A human being can only take so much small talk, and I have to take off my glasses for the haircut, so I can’t really hear anyway. I know, that is pretty sad. Can’t help it.

Right now I’m charging my Fitbit as I write this. This is a lovely reminder that I need to do each of these things to stay healthy. Yes, this is a present-moment appreciation blog. Aren’t you glad not to be crazy right now? I know that I am. Really, all of these little things, these moments of clarity that are good for the soul lead me to believe, that yes: it is all about sitting quietly devoted to a task that is the true meaning of life. Pass the time with a heart filled with good vibrations. What more can one ask?

Having worried myself into fits of madness, I have to say that it’s just not worth it. It’s better just to let the time go by with a smile on the face. The pain in my heart found a place to go, and it was away, when I realized that life is a precious gift and that time is the wonder of life. It helps that I devote much of my time to silence. In the company of others, though, I jibber-jabber. Makes the time go by, I like to think.

Also, no kids, nearly menopausal, heartbroken and sick of trying too hard. I’ve got a cat and a dog. My husband is the best in the land.

#Simple #NotWorried #DepressionSurvivor #MS #BrainHealth #Meditation #Exercise #Jesus

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