Country Livin’

Ok, so I live and work in a fairly medium-sized city, but it is on the outskirts of country backwoods produce-stand farm land. My husband and his ex-girlfriend’s husband regularly go to the neighboring produce stands, especially when the summertime crops come in. Peaches, especially.

My husband’s ex-girlfriend’s (we’ve been married longer, yay) husband and another old friend of ours went to dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, and lo and behold, we were approaced by a very nice gentleman who remembered the two old codgers that are my husband and his longstanding new friend who is his ex-girlfriend’s current husband.

This very kind gentleman recognized my husband and our friend, and just wanted to say hello and wish us well. He came into town for the restaurant, but how amazing is it that he remembered those two, and had the kindness to say hello, and to let us know what would be good to eat when they open up in the spring. We will surely buy produce and eat it, and may the Good Lord bless the Fields. I think this is traditionally how the produce market worked, and it just made me so happy to witness such a lovely exchange of cordiality this evening.

Let’s all figure out how to make our produce stands the regular food supply, and frequent the supermarkets just for our oatmeal and such. Lord, let’s just try to make sure everybody’s fed.

And everybody try to get those particular nutrients that will keep you as healthy as you need to be. Let’s eat fresh vegetables and fruits! God is great, God is good. Let us thank Him for this food! By His hands we all are fed: Bless us Lord, this daily Bread. Amen.

#Dinner #Delicious #Friendship #Kindness #TrueStory #MarriedLife

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