Experimental Treatment?

As a babe in the woods, I just considered getting involved with a website devoted to experimental treatments, you know, studies to help those of us who share a disease. Having read the information to sign on, and the legal ramifications of such participation with this enigmatic website, I started to chicken out for the most ridiculous of reasons.

While I wholeheartedly want to contribute to getting said disease, the MonSter, MS, cured, I found myself to be much more afraid of how this mystery website could mess up my email or my devices, rather than how I might get messed up biologically. I know, muy estupido, and I wouldn’t even have to commit to any study without informed consent, but still, Y’all want to screw with my laptop or my, gasp!, cellular phone?

Of course I was introduced to this website by Facebook, and that in and of itself is perhaps too sketchy for rational use (someone set me free!), and I just feel annoyed by all of this, particularly my lack of courage. So yes, I will set myself to the project of getting my MS under control, and maybe this might be an interesting path for my own personal healing, but I might just ask around at the hospital in the future to participate in any study to find a cure.

But please don’t mess up my electronics, scary science world. Thank you for listening, as I shout out to the world on this blog that very few actually read, thankfully. 🙂

#Faith #Healing #MS #Wellness

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