Coffee time!

It is well into the day, but only just now am I having coffee. I forget sometimes how wonderful this stuff is. Have been working on not overly drinking coffee, so this cup right now is kindly hitting the spot.

In order to shake it up and keep it real, I started my day with some “English Breakfast” tea and that was really quite nice before church. And church was incredibly the best, with the worship music at the beginning really bringing it together. I really like our format at my Non-denominational church, where we start out with some really great music and then have an insightful sermon by our awesome pastors. You know it’s going to be good when there are electric guitars and a drum set. My husband, I thought, would love this because of our mutual love of rock and roll, but he really is not right on with the “Christian rock,” at least not now. It’s too crowded there for him anyway, but my youngish nieces are my good church mates.

Isn’t it funny how church is so personal and public at the same time? It’s a wonder when it works. I pray for everybody drawn to worship this day, and wish us all the best. I hope that we all get coffee on this fine day.

Christian rock is probably a stupid expression, but I don’t know what else to call it. I’m sure there are a million reasons why I should think of something else to call it. I used to think it was lame, too, back before I had the Awakening that changed my life and I became faithful in a grown-up way. My husband might be my missions trip, and I guess he is. He’s certified, though, already. That’s what’s so cool about religion, that it is really just the individual looking up, or carefully at a book, and there are songs, and we can all believe that our God is Smiling and Holding our Hearts.

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