Yesterday was a good day, and today I received my valentine gift of a Fitbit. I really hope that it makes a difference in my fitness. The only problem with this magical gift was its delivery. Yes, I had to wrestle with the mailbox to get the box that it was delivered in out of the mailbox. I did hurt my finger, but would not give up, or ask for help. It took a minute, but I did get it.

My dog is an especial valentine as well, as she’s been obliging my valentine kisses, and my husband is a good sport, too. I absolutely love this holiday, because it’s just so sweet, and valentines are the best. I didn’t get my husband a valentine, because he thinks that’s a little stupid. Oh well. Maybe he might change his mind if I find a sticker or something. No, he wouldn’t really care about that. Still pretty stupid, I think. He did order me a Fitbit, though, because he is that good at heart, and mindful of the more dastardly holidays. Really, Valentine’s Day is for suckers, and for aggressive mail deliverers. Post people? Mailbox professionals who get the job done. I love our post person for ensuring the joy of this particular holiday, despite my now broken nail.

My baby fitbit is 94% charged. This is going to change my life. I will become so fit and able. And will track stuff like a crazy person. Woot! (They should make a Probiotic bacteria tracker, then I’d be set.)

#Fitbit #Valentine #DogLove #Husband #Mailbox

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