Dinner Tonight

While I’m not that excellent of a cook, I sure can eat some good food at local restaurants. Tonight I ate hamburger steak with mushrooms and onions, mashed potatoes, and collard greens. There was also a delicious roll!

What made the dinner so excellent undoubtedly was the company of my husband and his immediate charisma with the restaurant owner, who gave us both hugs for eating there. While I really wanted a lemon bar for dessert, I was strong and we made it home without too much that wasn’t good for us.

We had a little bit of hamburger leftover to give to our dog, and now she’s fast asleep under her blanket, probably irritated that her Mommy won’t go to bed. I think that there are supposed to be rain storms tomorrow, so I hope I can figure out how to wear my rainboots. This is what makes life worth living, a husband, a dog, a dinner, a cat, family and friends. I love you, Laptop of my dreams, and my immediate world of complacency created by this “blog,” that is only supposed to make readers smile.

#LocalRestaurants #FindingFriends #Past #Future #Present #Goodnight

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