Green Tea and a Nap

Today I had the most fabulous nap! I had gotten up early for a shopping trip with the hubs, and by the time 1:00 pm rolled around, I was committed to a nap. How refreshing! Now I counteract the nap with just a little caffeine in a nice warm cup of green tea.

I know, living the super extravagant lifestyle, but really, this is actually the best that I can do. Working on laundry, reading, praising the Lord- that about is my day. Am fixing to eat some leftover green pea soup that should be yummy and happy.

Please forgive me world, but I just want everybody to be happy, so I smile a lot. Now I know I look sometimes like somewhat of an idiot, or better yet, a simpeton, but at least you and I know that this is all about the choice I’ve made to be happy. I only get one chance at this life, so perhaps I should just be kind and enjoy what the Universe has to offer. I get really mad at the world about unfair politics and unjust oppression of any person or animal or especially plant, but this does really get me so down sometimes that I’m forced to just shake it off.

What I can do essentially is the best that I can, and this is it. God willing, let’s start the new week out happy and not upset, because that way leads to madness and strife. My husband just brought back some muffins to accompany the soup. Man, life doesn’t get much better. The secret: Chill out and #besweet. Maybe we can all become peace-lovin’ hippies that are nice to each other.

#Kind #True #Faithful #Joyful #Thankful. May you all be #Blessed

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