A Saga

Today I must confess that, although I’m not really a “Gamer,” I do have video game forays into the world of lovely soundtracks. I cannot help but play “Pet Rescue Saga” even though I have had somewhat of a recovery and separation from the game lasting many years. Once I discovered it again, though, I was hooked. I love to rescue pets! They are so cute, and it does make me feel as if I’m accomplishing something when I clear levels.

The soundtrack drives my husband crazy, though, so I can only play when he is doing something else. Monitoring his exposure to the music helps me to handle my Pet Rescue Saga habit, and all is right in the land. Pets get rescued.

Today was a sleep a lot day, but some laundry got done, at least to begin the week. All is right in my personal world, and I wish everybody else the best in creating a pleasant atmosphere in which to thrive. Although I did skip church, there was some devotional reading. In fact, now that I’ve revisited the Saga and shared it with this particular universe of right here, right now, I feel as if I can read some more and conclude my day.

Thank you all for reading. #Rescue #Pets #HaveFaith

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