I remember so many good things about life, most of the time. Now that I’m overcomeing my longstanding depressed and negative attitude, the awful things that I choose to forget are slipping away. What a relief! I’m looking ahead to moving forward with vivid recollection of what had brought forth love in my heart, and this, thankfully is bringing me a newfound peace of mind.

And, after significant gum recession, my husband and I invested in a set of electric toothbrushes. I feel like the tartar of my past is leaving me freely, and for this, I am truly thankful. Please pray for my gums, as I know I will. Or maybe you can leave the gum prayers just to me, and you can pray for your own gums. Try an electric toothbrush, though, when you get a chance. I mean, it’s fabulous.

My dog helps me to remember to clean things up, and to eat when it is time. I love her for that, because she is a good girl. She lets me know when it is time to go to sleep, as she currently is underneath her blanket, because everybody knows it’s too late to be awake after the sun has set.

#Terrier #Friend #SundayFundayTomorrow

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