Happy Sunday!

I hope that everyone is having a lovely Sunday afternoon, even those at work. I used to enjoy my Sundays at the department store where I worked for awhile, and met my husband! Thankfully my current occupation keeps me home on Sundays, so I can visit church: my favorite place,

Today’s message was clear and simple, and we are taking off on a new series that covers all the bases of devotional living. You know, like why in the world do we come to church on Sunday anyway? All I know is that my weeks go better when I start them off in good company, ready to worship together. That is my primary mission at church, to worship the Lord who made me, with songs and a heart filling up with love by His holiness.

When I come home, I start my week off right by doing chores. I know, fun, but really, yes it is. It is the first day of the week after all. So wish me luck as I clean up after my dog and do laundry, my designated tasks for Sunday.

There is also the coffee drinking as a part of this, and an awareness of being thankful for the blessings in my life. My husband, my cat, and my dog keep me going and moving forward with a feeling of hope. Admittedly, my husband and I used to fight like cats and dogs on Sunday, as I was always running late for church and was not really in the Spirit as I ought to have been. I regret those Sundays, and wish that there could be a Do over, but I guess every new Sunday is a great way to start again, and get hopefully a few things right. My husband and I don’t fight so much any more, and especially not on Sundays now. “That’s Jesus, honey.” That’s my favorite quote from my husband’s mother who would explain the world to our niece with words that my husband and I strive daily to apply to our current living.

#Blessed #Positive #Energy #Jesus,Honey #Peace

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