The Forgetting

In my youth, I was like a kid in a candy store, with visits to the library and a love for books and paper. I dreamed of being an artist, and my trips to the library provided my all-time back-up-plan for living: that of writing my way out of a paper bag. Obviously, those dreams didn’t really pan out.

I still love paper and books, ink and paint, but the prime objective of my youth had been not to accidentally steal anybody else’s ideas in my writing or picture making, so I just withdrew almost entirely. Now I’m back in this world, having forgotten most of everything, with the enhanced aid of a brain disease that helps me not to remember. Judging from my tired eyes, my vision might become questionable as well, but I do hope that my heart still sees just fine.

I’m not a woman that will be making babies of my very own, but I can still read a picture book, and that is my joy, so I’ll continue on this path. That is, until I can no longer log-in when needed. Life is so exhausting, but I have been more tired in the past, and I have had fewer ideas. Thankfully the world is a generator of stories, and I’m once again glad to be here in it. This is an answer to prayer, and I am grateful.

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One thought on “The Forgetting

  1. Perhaps Forgetting, is not such a bad thing. Since all thought is made up of the past, the memories, it places a wall between the past and the present. When thought is still, the mind at peace, then everything becomes Fresh & New…..It is like a white man being introduced to a black man, his memory/thought, tells him, “Oh, man I gotta be careful, these black people cannot be trusted.” So he fails to see the actual man before him, and is unable to just accept him as an Equal among equals…..It is the still mind that always perceives the world as New and thus is able to perceive what IS, and what is not…..

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