Anxious Manxious

Dear Friends,

While I do tend to write a lot of, “Life is so Fabulous!” drivel, please do not think that this is how I always feel. I spend most of my time completely nervous and afraid, even though I am getting better, as I’m attempting to chronicle here.

As an MS patient, I do feel as if my taking mood altering drugs may be par for the course, and I’m learning to be down with it. I mean really, to suffer or not to suffer? Unfortunately in my older lady years, I’m starting to finally recognize that as humans, we all suffer. Like, a lot. It is really hard for everybody to be human on this really tough planet. My MS is doing okay right now, and I had good vittles for dinner that my husband made. (I cleaned up.) Life is still good, after all.

My word to the wise right now is that I’ll very soon end this day and go to sleep, after my hot tea and online diary writing. Y’all, I totally understand if you choose to scroll through all of this. I’ve got not too much profound to say, except, “don’t give up!” I’ll work really hard to be just fine tomorrow, and maybe smile a lot in the process.

Please excuse my poor grammar and uninteresting vocabulary. I can only do a little bit at a time, and am now a below average student. Worn out.

#Tired #Wednesday #Tomorrow #Trying

Also, “Manxious” is not a word.

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