Exercise Your Own Self

And so today, I have exercised three days in a row. I feel pretty good. Looking forward to being one of those folks who exercises every day. I believe that it will happen, and that it will keep me well.

Speaking of wellness, I had two checkups today with those kind souls who keep me well. First was the #MS doctor, and then my regular health doctor, who had run some tests for my heart, very kindly. They were both super sweet and encouraging. They both have been very supportive of my mental illness that is also in remission, and I would like to keep all of these unpleasant things all wrapped up in the remissive state. I am thankful for every pleasant thought, and for every step I take. Being conscious of these bewitching health problems has been a blessing to me, and I pray for remission also for everybody here reading. May it all ease up on us!

Thankfully my #schizoaffective disorder isn’t really ruling my life anymore, and I’m ever so thankful for those meds that keep my days worth living. For all of the #psychmed naysayers, I must reassure my other #consumer friends that sometimes those aggravating, yet magical meds might work in your favor. If they’re not working, good luck, and please don’t give up. It’s really more than the #psychmeds, but also #nutrition and #exercise, and most importantly, #faith and #prayer. I sincerely believe that God does love us, and want us all to be well.

Yesterday I wanted to hang it all up for being so afraid of going out into the world, and knowing that I had to drive my own self to two places today, thankfully with sick leave from work. I took my 0.25 mg of klonopin like a good #psychpatient, and did my part for the team. Team Wellness. The day of #goodreports paid off, and this could all change at any instant, and I could get struck by lightning any old time that I walk out in the rain.

I hope that we all might remember that we are all such intricate tapestries of living flesh, and that we should honor our #Maker who wove us together, as well as all of those other steaming hordes of lovely people on this crowded planet, who are each so divinely beautiful.

I’m disappointed in a lot of things about this wondrous life, but on today, this beautiful day, they did say that I was doing okay. Good enough.

I wish everybody a #gameshow win tonight, and everybody a pet dog or cat or pig or rodent to snuggle, or a reptile to hang out with. #BlessedEcology #BlessedHearts #TrueStarsAbove #BlessedGroundBeneath

P.S. If all goes well, I hope to visit again tomorrow. #Peace

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