A New Direction

Dear Friends,

This blog shall now go in a New Direction! It will be about Recovery and getting older and wiser. If anybody is curious about my past suffering, they can read older posts. I’m moving positively into the Future! I will do my best to keep this going, and not to fall off the Positive Attitude wagon.

If anybody needs motivation or encouragement, hopefully this will be a good place for that in the future. Yeah, my new direction will be as a Motivational Speaker, except very quietly, like just here on this blog. It’s been great getting to read everybody who commented on my notes that I then followed, and Wow what a great world we live in. Thank you all for your travels and new Outlooks that have pulled me out of the Depressing Depressedville.

Please be aware that I do require moments of quiet time, so I might disappear for a bit every once in a while. But, Praise the Lord!, I am doing Just Fine, as a friend has told me. It’s amazing how everything can change in an instant. I hope that God might be praised by my newfound #Faithfulness, because, isn’t that the Good News, that we should be changed by our Faith?

I’m pretty sure that is what the Good News is, and I’m stickin’ to it. Best wishes, everyody, and Look up! Life is Beautiful.

#NotSick. #Happy #ChronicallyWell #HavingFaith #TrustingGod #NotKidding #TakeCare!

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