Caffeine Fuel

Dear Friends,

Please forgive me that I have not been active on this site for some time. There is no excuse really, no affliction, no bad news. I freely admit to all that I’m essentially quite lazy, and that is the truth. This blog was supposed to get me so excited that I might overcome the hindrance of my laziness, but I got overtaken once again by my horrible not caring and not contributing. Again, sorry.

But Wow! Have a I got a Lounge Pants story for you. I got some new lounge pants, and they are cozy. My intention has been to wear them to the gym, but today, it’s a new idea. These pants are to Lounge, so that is what I ‘m doing. Also laundry, but mainly the lounging today.

I’ve almost completed my daily allowance of four cups of coffee, and I’m thinking that I can move on to some yummy green tea. I’m also going to work on reading. I love to read, but I’m the worst at recommending books, so please don’t ask. It will just make me feel estupido.

Had a wonderful church experience this morning, and was really feeling it, and loving the Lord, and especially my church. Hooray! Go Team Jesus! Well, Team G*d. He’s All Good.

Dear G*d, I love you to the max. I cannot comprehend your vast greatness, but I like to be surrounded by people who love you, too. And sing songs about it. Speaking of, I think I quoted the late David Berman with the “love you to the max” line. It’s such an apt descriptor for the love feeling. May he rest in peace.

Well, off to lounge. First I have to help my doggie find her favorite chew bone… hey! She found it! #GoodGirl #SundayBlessings #GreenTea #AlwaysCoffee

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