Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Dear Ones Reading. I hope that this past year is now conclusively over, and that we shall all move forward with a positive attitude. Yup. No time for all of the whining anymore. It’s a new decade! Good days ahead, I hope.

So, yes, I did mention #mentalillness last time, but it’s only to help. I hope that we can all collectively learn that mental illness need not be a prison sentence, and please do your research to figure out how to #heal. And if this means that medicines are in order, then go ahead and take them, especially if they work. Don’t forget #nutrition, though, and sometimes supplements may be necessary, so please listen to your holy body that you have been blessed with, as evidenced by your very existence, and reading-clearly mind.

If you are a genius, and I hope that you are, please figure out the lipids for me! Omega 3 fish oils do wonders for my #mood disorder, and I have only just discovered Omega 9 fats, and honestly have not done the work to understand the science. Actually, my science days may be over, aside from the internet study of vitamins and minerals, oils, healing teas and exercise benefits. I know, lame, but I promise that you, dear reader, are cool, and that you can do good work to heal your own, personal #bodymind.

Please remember #meditation, which also might be #prayer, and in any case, it does help to clear the head with some moments of #silence. I don’t watch television much anymore, and I’m casting out the demons of #Ignorance and #NotEvenTryingToBeCool, because that is why #G*dAbove invented music and art. Please remember to #Love and #BeLoved, but mainly, to live peaceably on this beautiful #Earth that we must also try to heal. #AllTogetherNow

Let’s overcome the negativity and do our best to help each other out. So, if you do want to read this blog, please follow, with positive hope for the future. Thank you for this little bit, and I promise that this blog might be the best that I can do personally to make a difference, except for the fact that I’ve taken it upon myself to #smile with my #Heart, like all the time, and to trust that #LovingKindness is a real thing, and that it does indeed behoove us to #LoveThyNeighbor as #ThySelf. “It takes two to make a thing go right,” as the song says.

May you all please move forward in #peace. #TakeCare and #PleaseBeMindful #FindForgiveness

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