Blessing Doggie

Our little doggie is a blessing in more ways than I can express. She is so very beautiful and is most of all a love dog who never wants anybody to be sad, unless of course, you are sad because she ate your last snack. She undoubtedly will not regret any bit of food that she has gotten from the people-food land of blessings where she does aspire to live forever.

Now I’m a bad Mommy because I will sit on the bed with a snack, and so she will beg for a portion of the food that I got from the kitchen for my own self. I do give her little bites, further perpetuating the bad habits that I engender in her little Forest Soul, and she does never forget when she lived alone in the woods with no People. Those must have been sad days for her little Doggie Heart, and I hate to even think of it, and remember how long it took my husband and me to convince our doggie that she would like us. Hence the snacks. I will always be at her mercy.

And so I wonder, is this how my Mommy feels when she cooks for her family on holidays and brings us all together, that it is her mercy that is feeding us? I imagine so. Perhaps were I to become a better cook and host of dinner parties, maybe then I would understand.

In any case, my little doogie likes little bites to say hello, since she does not have words. This can be very annoying, unless one is used to her barbaric doggie ways. It is better to understand that she is a doggie with a lonely past, and always to give her a nibble of one’s snack, and some Doggie Praise. Yes, she is a Good Girl, even if she comes from an uncivilized past. Maybe that’s what makes her so cool. In any case, I doubt this would all work if she were a big doggie, and it is those 8.4 lbs that make it all okay. 8.4 pounds of cute, with sharp, pointy teeth. I hope we get her trained eventually, and that she might stop barking so much.

#WildDoggie #ForestDoggie #NatureFamily #Don’tForgetOurCat

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