Only a Mother

My Mom did something really sweet for me today that I felt was so quintessentially a mother action, I thought that I could not let the day pass by without recording it.

My parents met my husband and me for brunch today, because it is almost my husband’s and my anniversary, which is special to all of us in our family. Of course my mother did a unique and unusual, yet oddly typical, thing to make the day extra-special. When all four of us met up, my mother had the top of a rose in her hand, that she had found on the sidewalk and then gave to me. This rose bloom made it through lunch by my plate, and then I held it in my hand throughout the free concert that we four attended.

With my hands smelling pleasantly like a rose, I realized that my mother had made something very special out of what was ordinary, or rather uncommonly ordinary, because how often does someone find a rose on the sidewalk?

In any case, the lovely day with my parents and my husband became all the more memorable by this rose, that was like my mother had given me a piece of her heart, that surely smelled as sweet.

#Anniversary #Family #Parents #FreeConcert #Dulcimer #MeaningofLife?

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