Now this has been an especially warm autumn, that I’m hoping it gets colder in time for Christmas. I guess it’s totally Advent time, and I do like all of the holiday brouhaha that goes on this time of year. Thank goodness for gift cards and some family, though. I don’t mean it in a bad way, but sometimes my creativity falls short.

Really what would be fantastic would be for me to give to holiday toy drives, and I think that this is my plan, not having children of my very own. I do have this dog and cat family, though, and my babies do like to play with stupid toys. My husband is getting a mechanical pencil and some lead and the other fantastic gift that I’m entreating my parents to help me purchase for him. I know he doesn’t often read this old blog, but I won’t tell you my excellent plan. He’s already seen the pencil, as it is on the dining table, and he toold me that it would be a stupid gift for my teenage nephew anyway. This is what happens when you find yourself Christmas shopping in an office supply store.

Now I’m totally devoted to Jesus, whom we celebrate this season, but I’ve decided that maybe it is better really to just say “Happy Holidays” in the public space of the world, as I think I wished someone a “Merry Christmas!” that didn’t seem pleased the other day, you know, at my job. That’s why they tell you not to spout out specific holiday greetings to relative strangers, you know, because we’re at work. It would be better perhaps if the Religious Right hadn’t ruined it for everybody, for making such a big deal about it. I mean, “there’s no place like home for the holidays,” and that’s the way it should be. Home. Holidays. True Love. Hallmark movies.

I’m going to do my best to make it to Midnight Mass, though, because that is how I’ve always celebrated in my home. I think my current dual church allegiance might take me to two services, and I will indubitably enjoy both, with specific family members. It’s very exciting nonetheless, because I will be happy to love on my family members and to be one of those only on holidays churchgoers, that hopefully somebody will recognize, and I’m sure I’ll see my favorite old friends.

Oh, sorry to have neglected my devoted readers here the past few days, but I’ve been scrambling to get things done. Had a big fight with my husband earlier, but then we got better when he went to go see his friends. I hope that he had to watch football or something, honestly. Now I do love the man, but there is this one thing that makes me incredibly angry that’s not going to change involving our friend constellation, but I figure I might as well just not get angry about it anymore, and he did bring me some cheese ravioli even though I missed dinner for not being ready on time.

Oh yeah, yesterday I did not take Klonopin and was still sweet, so today I put it off as well, not altogether wanting to be a daily user. This made my husband so very mad, hence the brief fight, and I just got equally mad right back, but we kissed and he “asked me not to do it again.” That’s from an old song that he put on a mix “tape” for me. He thinks that my disagreeable personality might be the death of him, but I think really that my losing my cognitive abilities will just make me even more disagreeable. Yes, I’m under the spell of the Anti-Psych Med Health Angels that might be saving me, but I guess I just need to refine my tapering and not always tell my husband everything that runs through my head. And also to maintain the sweetness, of course.

#MerryInclusiveChristmas #HappyInclusiveHolidays #PsychMedDiscontinuationSyndrome #JustSayNo #BeSweet

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