Thankful, and You Know It

I hope that all of you reading this are clapping your hands right now. If you’re not into Preschool songs right now, I understand. Happy Thanksgiving anyway. 🙂

What a great holiday! It is so nice to count one’s blessings, and to be mindful of everybody else’s blessings and wishing them to be many. I appreciate this online journaling and onsite awareness of Mindfulness that I’ve embarked upon here, and hopefully somebody right now is counting their blessings and loving life.

Y’all! I hated life so MUCH for so long, and I could not understand why I was so cursed and wretched. That’s “Stinkin’ Thinkin’ ” and I refuse to ever go back there. I am blessed to be loved by The King of the Universe, and thankful that He knows it, and gave his life for it. I daresay He might even clap His hands about it, weather permitting, of course.

While life is an incredibly challenging adventure, I pray that it might be a happy adventure for all of you reading right now. I trust that the wind will be in your sails, and that the harvest comes in for a Feast. I pray that we’ll all trust in the Goodness of Life that we all Share, and that we might learn to live that way, Sharing and Caring. Because, honestly, it’s all relatable in Preschool terms, and I pray that those among you who are Thankful might get to make a craft or color a page.

Happy Thanksgiving, and future holidays. Please keep it Holy, Loves, and especially in the kitchen.

#Thankful #Preschool #Learning #Mindfulness #Meditation #Prayer

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