Some Family Time

My uncle passed away a few years ago, separated from his wife and having been staying with my parents, until they had to find a nursing home for him. Long story, obviously. In any case, today there was a beautiful resolution to his story, and I do believe that our family was blessed by his memory and notable life.

He had been cremated, and it turns out that there is a place for him at my parent’s church, and today we laid him there to rest in peace. At last. It had been some years. His wife came to America to visit my parents, because life is too short not to visit with family. I remembered so kindly my aunt, and the memories that we all shared were so pleasant.

My purpose today of this post is to remark upon the brief and lovely wonder of life and death, and how lovely is this sharing of human life that is our time on Earth. What a lovely planet with so many miracles, and how precious are our days well spent. Although my aunt and uncle had been separated for a time, there was no denying that they were the love of each other’s lives, and this was much bigger than any life living that had been difficult momentarily. Because that is the nature of life, that it is difficult, a challenge, so we must always find our ways to rest peacefully. I wish all of you safe passage today and every day, and love.

Thank you for reading this post, and for wishing my getting well soon. I am getting better from the long cold, and the warm chamomile tea that I’m drinking right now reminds me of my aunt who made me some tea when I was young with a bellyache, and I had never known of anything as fancy as chamomile tea until that moment.

#teadrinking #family #longtime #memories #peace

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