Coughing Late

Last night I couldn’t stop coughing, so I got up out of bed and read my Bible. I was reading the Acts of the Apostles. It was so nice to lose myself in God’s Word and to forget about the coughing.

Can you imagine being an apostle back in those days? Can you imagine being one now?

I like to think that I try to live out the Word, but I know that every day is new, with different experiences and encounters, and I only hope that I get it right. Thankfully my positive thinking (a new trait) is leading way to my reading the Bible more, and this really does make everything better. I used to be so scared to read the Bible because I felt that when I did, life would just be harder the next day, with more challenge. Maybe this sickness and a little kindness to myself during this rest will allow my heart to heal as well as my lungs.

Thank goodness for friends, old and new, who bring encounters and adventures everyday with the challenge to love and to accept growth and change as we all pilgrim on. Life is so precious and new every day, and it is worthwhile to be thankful for every bit of it.

Thank you for reading, thank you for caring, and thank you for living, dear readers. We are all so blessed to be alive and to seek and find peace.

#Peace #Love #Pilgrim #Hope #Gratitude

3 thoughts on “Coughing Late

  1. Thank You Ms. Susan Grey, for your open and honest opinions, is it not Magic that we have this wonderful place to share our thoughts with, a place we can Come Together, and Build the “House of Mankind” Where all People are treated as Equal’s?

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