Chai Tea Latte

Being of the not very sophisticated sort, I’m drinking a Starbucks beverage right now, a Chai Tea Latte. It’s really the best that I can do. I read a lot about tea, but cannot remember much, due to my brain disorder of not winning the trivia contest, or knowing much of anything, really.

On a brighter note, Starbucks makes a really yummy Chai Tea Latte that always gets my spirits up, and my husband done got me one, along with some more cold medicine and side of the face, germless kisses. Okay, so there are germs lurking in our family bed, but our dog seems unaffected, with no coughing at all.

Positively moving forward through this day, and looking forward to the one tomorrow, I am thinking that online journaling is a great way not to be so hard on oneself in expressions of the heart. Please forgive me for the broken heart, broken spirit, and the incomplete days of the past. I have quit drinking again, and this time I’m going to do it again, hard-core. Not even a sip of wine on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Thank you, unseen friends, for reading, and for believing in me, as I have believed in you. I have hope for the future, in which we might all collectively get our act together.

#ReadBooks #ReadOldBooks #ReadNewBooks #MakePictureBooks

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