Chicken Soup

I had bought my husband some cans of chicken soup when he had the illness before me, so there was one in the pantry for me tonight. Thank goodness for my taking care of him, at least, for my own benefit!

My husband has also been enjoying a nice bit of quiet because of the sickness, as after days of coughing, I’ve lost my voice! We’ll see what happens at work tomorrow. I was supposed to get better over the weekend, and now I just can’t say anything. Perhaps the Universe is teaching me the merits of silence.

Speaking of, I have once again resumed regular meditation, and lo, does that make a difference. I remember having been so “crazy” in the past that I could not meditate, so I think that this current ability speaks well of my recovery. I am claiming the Recovery, because of the realization that the only way to move now is Forward, the only way to go is Up. Everybody’s had bad days in their lives, so now I only want to contribute the altogether wonderful qualities of this God-Given Life: Peace and Love.

Okay, it sounds like I’m Bipolar and having an Upswing, but maybe I’ve been working really hard for things to change in my Errant Mind, and so those things are finally changing. Haven’t had a fight with mi esposa in a good while, either, and yes, I believe that humans do have the capacity to heal. As a seasoned oldster, my word of advice to those combatting #mentalillness is this: rest, get adequate sleep, stay hydrated, eat carefully, exercise, and trust the healing. #Believe

Please stay well, friends, and tomorrow I’ll repost back, unless of course my singing voice has returned, in which case I’ll be on the road. Not really! Please, take good care, y’all.

#MentalHealth #Faith #Healing #PeaceandLove

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