The Sickness (A Bad Cold)

Dear Friends,

My sickness has not yet completely passed away, and I just keep trucking and coughing along. The plan is for me to heal this weekend, so I hope that it works. It has been fun to make various teas is hopes of them being the healing and magical tonic of Life.

Today I featured Ginger and Lemon, yum yum. I had coffee in the morning and Assam tea in the afternoon, and concluded my day with the ginger and lemon, even sharing it with my husband, who is still coughing a bit, too, G*d bless him.

Actually, a little NyQuil tonight might actually be the healing tonic, or maybe all of these beverages might synergistically affect my will to stay alive. I’m hoping that is what happens. Incidentally, my desire to kill myself has largely dissipated with this wretched cold that really I only want to defeat, and to be the Happy Winner of Good Health. Wish me luck! Thank you for reading.

#ColdNotFlu #NastyLoogies #WilltoLive #HopefortheFuture

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