Dear Friends,

Although I have not yet completely healed of my respiratory infection, with terrible coughs and sniffly sniffs ongoing, I am feeling so incredibly much better. A steady diet of restaurant dinners (feed a cold) has led me to believe that I’ll get over this, ingesting good food to give my body nutrients for healing.

Had a fantasic church visit this morning, and do still love my church. Just so you know, I’m a Baptist now, after having been raised Roman Catholic, converted to Episcopalianism, and then just caught on to a local megachurch that’s secretly Baptist (not sure of the associations) but names itself as being Nondenominational. I think that all the churches should go this route, because all of the denominationalism that just has been about making people cranky, despite the joy of the Message we’re sharing.

Interestingly, a pastor friend of my husband’s and mine was the one who suggested a “nonliturgical” type of worship, after actually hearing me when I complained about my mentally ill mind struggling with the repetitions of a liturgical service, and day to day living. It’s hard to have a church service going on in one’s mind constantly, especially when one’s thoughts present as impure on occasion. It was just wearing me out.

Now, please let me assure you that my Catholic family is still keeping the faith, and I have no doubt that my personal change won’t upset anyone, but will make me happy and help me to enact my faith. I can live without constantly repeating the Nicene Creed in my normal daily life’s thought processes, and this is what’s best for me personally. I’m sure many folks don’t have a physically ill brain holding them back religiously, and I have talked to ladies that “love the liturgy,” and I love them and it, too. The best part of this is that I made a grown-up decision on my own, and am doing my best to live my life in this new way. Let’s all pause and remember that G*d is good. I trust that He understands, and remembers every time that I went to confession and Midnight Mass with a heart full of love for the Church and for mainly, Jesus, my personal hero.

My big sin that contradicts the Nicene Creed is that I’ve technically been baptized twice. There was once as an infant sprinkled, and later an adult by stepping into a font and being fully immersed “in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” to be released from my sinful ways and to be made new. As you can see, this is not really a “big sin,” and also that it is part of my personal faith walk, and my personal journey of transformation and living it out. Just please don’t bring this up with anybody for whom this would be a problem. That’s my take on religion, the peaceful Way. I love the photos from my infant baptism, and do consider worthy the sacrament.

My personal faith Walk has led me to this moment, and I’m thankful that I could share this with you all. I pray that peace visits everyone who took the time to read this, and that we all go forward into the new week with love in our hearts.

“Take a Tip from Me: Bathe in the Waters, Bathe in the Waters, of Love.” Grant McLennan

And I got a dog to go with my cat. Amen.

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