Dear Friends, I have been sick with a very annoying respiratory infection! Hopefully I’m on the mend, as I’m taking my medicine.

Speaking of medicine, I’ve gotten to thinking about my #psychmeds again, as I’m totally addicted to these external chemicals, and the whole mental health picture is being re-thunk! I’m not quitting anything, and am very much counting on the “neuroprotective” qualities of these medicines, what with my MS and all.

Shoot, I think that the answer is that maybe nobody really knows about all this sickness and infirmity, and I’ll just do my best not to be sick. And so I take my meds. Maybe my reduced brain matter is because of the MS, or the meds, or my history of substance abuse, or all the dadburn sugar I’ve eaten in the course of my lifetime.

This is my plan: Get over the infection, go to the gym, quit eating sugar, stay away from wine, and make some real friends and exercise like a champ. Because that is what I am, having decided to believe it. I guess that works in movies and stuff, and my faith does dictate that I do believe in myself as well as in God. And LOVE to the max.

My husband agrees, and he cooked me some dinner tonight, and tomorrow I intend to let my body fully heal and get better, and I trust that it will do that with a little help from my friends: the antibiotics and the cough medicine. I’ve been drinking orange juice (in moderation) as well as only kissing my dog on the back of her head, as well as my husband, on the back of his head where not many germs hang out.

I read a neat book recently by Rachael Sparks called, “Resistant,” that is making me fully appreciate what my antibiotics are doing for me currently. Now, I don’t frequently rely on the antibiotics, and I do feel as if this current illness warrants such treatment. Oh, well. I pray that the future will actually be okay.

Meanwhile, my car is in the shop, as somebody had hit it while it was parked in the lot at work, and the moon roof had cracked and broken, and it’s been calls and chaos all day, but I’m going to be ever so positive about it. I’m thinking of exiting the modern world and trusting in love, like my fellow bloggers, and maybe that is actually what we are supposed to do as human beings, to trust in that loving Father in Heaven. “Spirit in the Sky.”

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3 thoughts on “Sick

  1. Hey! Susan, (My just recently departed Love & Best Friend’s name) You are sure going through a Lot of pain and grief! At least it seems you have a Husband who Love’s and care’s for you, maybe you should be counting your Blessings! When I lost my Lady, all I wanted to do was die, so I starved myself and ate nothing at all, just drank for over 30 days, yet my neighbor’s stepped in and made me want to live for awhile longer, as there was many things I had left to accomplish, like writing to you! I would say that you Think too much! J. Krishnamurti, in “Commentaries On Living” says that when the mind is still, and only then, can Love or God enter in…….I am a Vietnam Vet with PTSD, and I have learned to cope with it by just taking it One Day at a time. We cannot even change that minute that has just passed, it is already History! Only the present exists for us humans, and that is where we must live, in the Here & Now…..I hope you get better!


    1. Thanks for the wake-up call. I’m getting over my nefarious cold, and writing this blog is helping me to get over myself!

      I’m sorry that you had a bad time in the past, and I wish you many more brighter days ahead. I hope to hear of good news from your blog, and will try to keep my spirits up as well. May you be blessed in the Here and Now, each day at a time. Blessings to you, and thank-you sincerely. I hope that you feel better, too!

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      1. Susan, each and every day my good neighbors remind me of why I want to go on living, they Love and care for me in these hard times, they teach me forgiveness, gratitude, and tolerance…..They have fed,me, gifted me with their company, looked out for me, where I would be without them is No Where…….

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