Marya’s Tea

Last year my husband and I experienced the passing of his elder sister, that had many further years within her but were taken away by serious illness.

After her passing, we were charged with the dissolution of her home. Filled with books, I imagine those books that we took will keep me reading well into my own later years, G*d willing.

Of course, to accompany my reading tonight before sleep, I’ll be drinking some of her lavender chamomile tea. I can think of no better way to conclude this day than with the memory of her gentle soul.

Seriously, she really is my guiding light. Teacher of children’s literature, she’ll be my inspiration for writing my own books, however that may be, and I do hasten to add, G*d willing. In any case, her memory stays with me at Story Time weekly, because that was her joy.

And now I’ve got this tea with her name on it.

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