Deleting Facebook

Dear online friends,

I’m trying to delete Facebook, especially before forthcoming elections. Don’t know if this will even work. I’m unfortunately hooked, with my dopamine features.

Is it just me, or has the world gone quite mad? It’s probably just me, because I’m a very private person hooked on social media.

Don’t know how much longer I’ll stick to this place, but I do like it here.

You know, got to put my 2 cents in.

Eventually I’m hoping to live in a cave with food brought in and visits from my friends. My dog and my cat and my husband. Not in that order.

Modernity is for suckers, apparently. I’ll try to keep connecting.

Take care, sane ones, and pray that we might be delivered from these beasts. I pray that our little lights will continue to shine with faith hope and love.

Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men and women. Please wish me luck!

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